Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I have a problem with my wound? 

The most common problems with wounds are bleeding, infection and dehiscence (wound opening up). Bleeding is an emergency. Please contact the clinic immediately on 3408 6699 during office hours or 0404 795 241 after hours and you will be asked to attend the clinic for assistance. Infection is usually signalled by increasing pain or fluid loss from the wound. This is slightly less urgent; however please call the clinic to arrange an appointment. Dehiscence is also a pressing issue. Please phone the clinic and arrangements will be made to rectify the issue. Most other problems are less urgent, however please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns about your wound.

How do I look after my wounds?

Refer to EXCISION page below.


Can I have my stitches removed early? 

A healing wound is very weak, and if sutures are removed early, there is a higher risk of the wound bursting open with activity. For this reason it is better for the sutures to be left in longer if you are unable to make the appointment. It is far preferable for the stitches to be left in longer even if this makes them harder to remove.

Can I book in directly to have something cut out?

Happily most lesions that concern people do not need to be cut out. Our doctors would like to exam the concerning mole first. However if your general practitioner has diagnosed your lesion to be cancerous, please phone us to discuss arrangements.

Do you have a molescan machine or a similar computerised diagnostic tool?

No. To date there has not been a computerised diagnostic tool that has shown to be superior to a qualified medical professional using a high powered dermatoscope. Digital photographs are taken of suspicious lesions for comparison later where appropriate.

More Information

Biopsy Information

A biopsy is used when the diagnosis of a spot is uncertain.

Creams for Skin Cancer

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An excision is performed to remove lumps that are cancerous.

Flap and Graft Repair

Where a cancer is too large to be removed and the skin re-joined, a flap or graft repair may be required.

Still Have Questions?

Please make an appointment for a consultation with one of our Doctors.

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